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‘Maleficent 2’ – Završena produkcija
Alek Boldvin će, navodno, igrati čudnog oca Betmena u filmu „Joker“ (Joaquin Phoenix)
Doctor Who’s Matt Smith joins Star Wars: Episode IX
Chadwick Boseman Says ‘Black Panther’ Will Aim For Best Picture Oscar
Greg Nicotero To Design New Spawn Suit for Todd McFarlane’s Reboot
Novi Predator uskoro u bioskopima!


„True Detective“ Trejler za 3. sezonu i datum premijere (Januar2019)
STAR WARS RESISTANCE: Meet The Colorful Crew Of Team Fireball And Get A First Look At General Leia
New Character Images For ‘Titans’ Revealed
Official Logo For ‘Stargirl’ Series Revealed
Netflix i Blizzard izgleda rade na seriji Diablo, po ugledu na Castlevaninu! (?)


Crunchyroll potvrđuje streamovanje druge sezone Golden Kamuy
Anime studio Drop bankrotirao
Kenichi Sonoda prisustvuje premijeri nulte epizode Beat Bandit animea
20. oktobra stiže nova Slayers novela posle 18 godina
Yuka Imai odlazi u penziju
Mamoru Miyano otkriva postavku Zombieland animea
Vento Aureo promo za Guido Mista
GX 999 manga opisuje Tetsurove i Maeteline razgovore
Piše se scenario za anime po Konovoj Opus mangi
Urasawa Naoki crta one-shot u septembru
Momoko Sakura, autorka Chibi Maruko-chan preminula u 53. godini
Sumo anime dobija nove glasove


European ratings agency adopts in-game purchase label
Japan is getting a lovely Famicom mini-consoles bundle
Destiny 2: Forsaken weapons and armor dropping early for some players
PewDiePie is about to be dethroned as YouTube’s biggest channel
Subnautica developers announce stand-alone expansion Below Zero
Gwent’s single-player campaign is now a stand-alone RPG
Battlefield 5 delayed to November
Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting a new mode, new heroes later this year
Spider-Man’s first DLC launches in October with new character, missions and suits
The massive update to fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now live
The original Onimusha is coming to PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One
Streets of Rage 4 is coming
Counter-Strike: GO gets a free version for offline play
Shovel Knight’s final two expansions conclude the series next spring
Just Survive — H1Z1’s original mode — is shutting down in October
Doom 2’s impossible secret is discovered, 24 years later
Star Citizen studio backs away from plan to charge fans to stream convention
Three dead, including suspect, in shooting at Madden tournament in Florida
Adults will finally get to drink in Disneyland thanks to Star Wars


San Diego Comic-Con Wins Lawsuit Over Use of Name At Smaller Conventions