Meet Horo! (cosplay interview, english edition)


BeoKon is just around the corner, and we’re growing all the more impatient. As promised, I bring you the interview with Horo Von Kaida, one of Greece’s best cosplayers, known far and wide! Even though I haven’t met her in person (the internet is an amazing thing), I can tell you that this girl is a wonderful creature, which makes me all the more impatient to meet her in public! Collaborating with her has been a really wonderful experience. Also, Miss Horo promised us some interesting surprises when she gets here, so let’s give a big καλοσωρισμα to this lovely lady!

AR: You are one of the top cosplayers of Greece, but here in Serbia we don’t know much about you, so, why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself?

H: My real name is Maria, but you will rarely hear someone say it. I much rather use Horo, my cosplay name. I am 20 years old and I started cosplaying 3 years ago. Since then, cosplay has become the epicenter of my life – it became something I love, my hobby, my every day life and eventually my profession of choice as well! My inspiration comes from video games, anime and comics – the three things I can’t live without! Some of my favorites are: World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Code Geass, Sword Art Online and DC – Marvel Universes!

AR: How did you enter the waters of cosplay? 

H: As I said, cosplay caught my eye while diving into the anime and gaming community in my country. I started going to anime parties or gaming events, and I loved it! I quickly started my own cosplays and I never looked back since! Of course, it was easier for me, because I always had something artistic going on in my life – music, painting and a lot more! 

AR: When we look at your cosplays, it’s hard not to notice all the deatils and love that you poured into them. But, we all know how sewing/crafting etc. can be quite a handful. What’s your combination for getting through these little mishaps that make cosplay all the more great?

H: The secret is not so secret at all. All I do is pick out characters that I love, and then my love for them takes over. No matter how much time it takes, I give it in order to make these characters come to life. The fact that I had an artistic background even before cosplay also helped, so crafting and painting came easy for me. Sewing is something new for me, but even if you give that enough time, you will eventually become better.


  I think that if we all followed Horo’s advice, for cosplay and for life in general, we’d all be doing a lot better in life…

AR: I’ve been told that your parents are very supportive of your cosplay carrier – every cosplayer’s dream! I’ve also been told that you’ve done some very lovely cosplays with your sister. What was their reaction when you told them that you wanted to be a cosplayer?

H: Well, my family loves art in general. Music and painting have always been inside our home. So, finding a hobby which combined a lot of forms of art was an easy thing to tell them! They were, and still are, very supportive, and sometimes they even help with the heavy lifting. Of course, my sister is a big help. She is a cosplayer herself, and we often come up with duo cosplay projects, which we make for some big events!

AR: Can we expect an all family cosplay from you? 

H: All the family is a big of a long shot, but, maybe…someday!

AR: Being a student, what’s your strategy for balancing your studies with your cosplays?

H: Well, it is hard, especially if you want to take cosplay to the next level. There is not a lot of time and you always have to manage it correctly. The good thing is that my university schedule is always in the morning, so I can give all the other time towards cosplaying and making my youtube videos. My studies are also practical, which means the actual studying is not as much as the time I give every day at the hospital.

AR: This will be your first convention in Serbia. What are your expectations?

H: I have never been to Serbia in general, and, I’ve got to admit, my expectations are high! I met one of your countries cosplayers in Greece and I think she is very talented and friendly, which let’s me hope I’ll meet a lot more people like her! As for the country itself, I think it’s going to amaze me!

AR: A little something for the end…? 

H: I love meeting new people and talking or answering questions about cosplay! Every time I visit a new con is always a new challenge! So, I can’t wait to see you there! And, for the end, here’s a hint: I will bring some handmade surprises and giveaways for the people who pass by my booth!



Interview by: Jelena Todorović (Andrea Resnik)